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Cyani Mendez
Cyani Mendez
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Who is Cyani Mendez?

Cyani Mendez is an aspiring therapist based out of Miami, FL. During her teenage years, she encountered a lot of adversity that was difficult for her to overcome. Instead of becoming a victim, she decided that she would use her personal stories to help others, specifically teens, cope with life's adversities.

The Problem:

Cyani needed help turning her "Why" (an abstract idea) into something concrete. She also needed a logo to represent her vision.

The Solution:

I conducted several brainstorming sessions with Cyani, where we created and simplified her "Why", which is "To feel with those who are at their lowest of lows so that, together, we will be able to identify and eliminate the underlying cause(s) of what’s preventing them from finding inner peace." I then created a monogram logo by combining her initials and the shape of a heart. Then, I created a list of "How's", which is what would guide her in executing her vision. Her How's included (a) Care deeply for those you love, (b) Support one another/Make each other feel safe, (c) Learn something from everyone, etc.

The Result:

Cyani was equipped with the strategy and tools that she needed to help others.

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